Carnival Workers Arrested After Police Find Crack Cocaine Inside Doll

A pair of carnival workers were arrested in South Dakota after police discovered approximately 37 grams of crack cocaine in one of the prizes.

Authorities in Sioux Falls were reportedly tipped off about an extremely suspicious package that was headed to the city. According to Texas police, the item was arriving courtesy of Federal Express.

The crack was shipped to carnival workers at Sioux Empire Fair inside a Lalaloopsie children’s show doll. After getting a search warrant, officers were able to intercept the package before it ended up in the hands of the suspects.

“They ended up getting a search warrant on the package and found the doll with the drugs inside. They repackaged it and the undercover detectives delivered that package,” a police spokesperson explained.

Officers said 35-year-old Louis Frank Deak picked up the package at a Sioux Falls hotel. The carnival worker insists he had no idea there was crack cocaine inside the doll. He told authorities that he was simply picking up the package for co-worker John Thomas Whitfield in order to pay off a debt.

The two carnival workers are currently facing a number of charges. Whitefield was arrested for felony drug possession, intent to distribute, and marijuana possession. Deak, meanwhile, was picked up for felony drug possession and drug distribution.

Fair manager Scott Wick said he does background checks on all of his employees. However, it would appear that these guys somehow managed to slip through the cracks.

“It was an unfortunate incident that was handled perfectly. We will see what happens to the boys in court. What a foolish move,” he explained. “The carnival does a great job policing themselves. We have a security briefing prior to opening up and we tell them the rules.”

What do you think about the two carnival workers who were arrested after police found crack cocaine inside a children’s doll?

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