Rosie O’Donnell Officially Joining ‘The View’ For New Season

Rosie O'Donnell

It’s official! Rosie O’Donnell is returning to The View as the new co-host for the upcoming season. This is after reports that claimed O’Donnell was thinking about returning to The View, which then quickly turned into negotiations on ABC’s part.

The news spread like wildfire when The View’s official Twitter announced that Rosie was returning to her chair next to Whoopi Goldberg. So far we don’t know about the other co-hosts that will join the two ladies, but some reports hinted that ultra conservative Sarah Palin might be interested in sparring with Rosie O’Donnell.

Here’s a few responses from the viewers:

As we previously reported Rosie O’Donnell prematurely ended her contract with The View back in 2007 after an explosive split screen fight with former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The two argued over whether or not O’Donnell called U.S. soldiers terrorists. During that conversation, Hasselbeck’s loyalty was called into question as was O’Donnell’s integrity.

E! Online reports that, during an appearance with The Oprah Winfrey Show, Rosie stated her peace and admitted that she didn’t have any interest in finishing out her contract after the fight happened because she thought those in power at The View had set her up to fail.

“I didn’t want to argue for a living. I didn’t come back because the director and the producer did a split screen, and they had to prepare that in advance. I felt there was setup egging me into that position.”

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck heard of the reports that O’Donnell was returning, she said that she wasn’t surprised but wasn’t exactly thrilled. In fact, she jokingly said that it ruined her vacation during a segment on her Fox & Friends show. The former co-host minced no words and said that Rosie’s return was in the works since Barbara Walters’ farewell show, which O’Donnell had a large hand in.

After the comments made their way to former co-host Joy Behar, the comedian defended O’Donnell:

“I thought that was really kind of below the belt — to say that she spits in the face of the military. I would like Elisabeth to explain herself. What does she mean by that? And isn’t it kind of a nasty thing to say about somebody who basically is a good person?”

Behar also pointed out that Rosie’s oldest son Parker is currently in the military, and then continued.

“That’s a dangerous thing to say about somebody… I think it’s a hate-filled remark. And she should explain it.”

As for Rosie, we’re sure with more control she will fit right in with The View.

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