Caught On Tape: Two Grandmas Get Caught Red Handed Trying To Steal Family’s Beach Equipment

Two grandmas caught red handed stealing from a family

Ever been caught red handed doing something you shouldn’t be? It’s not fun.

Luckily for us, this guy who spots two older women trying to break down his family’s beach gear from a distance on at a Florida beach on July 4 decided to film the confrontation.

After being questioned about whether or not the items were theirs, they quickly laid claim to it, even asking for help from the man to break down the pop-up tent so they could leave.

Tired of the charade, the man then informs them that this is his property and they are stealing. The women then quickly become defensive, demanding for him to put the camera down and even making threats toward the man.

This video that turned into YouTube gold with over 6 million views since July 5 is definitely worth a watch.

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