Halle Berry And Jimmy Fallon Show Everyone ‘How They Roll’

If there is one channel on Youtube that is guaranteed to show some of the most entertaining videos involving celebrities, it will have to be the official channel of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Just here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous videos of hilarity that ensued between the show’s host and a number of famous movie stars, music icons, and pop culture names. This includes times like when Fallon played a giant beer pong game with Pitbull or when he rode a roller coaster with Kevin Hart. Most recently, he had Neil Young perform a cover of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy with a little bit of help from Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Now another entertaining show of comedy has been made on the show with super-sexy movie star, Halle Berry. The famous star of Monster’s Ball and Swordfish who will be returning to television for Extant, actually showed how she and Jimmy Fallon “roll”. However, how they “roll” may not be exactly what you think as they both formed up to do a hamster wheel gymnastics trick to the delight of the audience and viewers. The stunt actually had some subtle comedic parts in it. For example, Halle Berry was wearing a dress and if you know anything about a gymnastic’s hamster wheel, you’ll understand that Jimmy Fallon probably got an eye full of Berry’s most intimate parts. Despite the jokes Fallon made about the situation he was suddenly in, both of them were professional about it. I mean Halle Berry has acted out sex scenes with the Sling Blade.

In conclusion, the video is highly favored for its has been viewed almost 1 million times and sits as the most popular Youtube video as of the publication of this article. I will admit that I like what Jimmy Fallon said which was reported in an article by New York Daily News. According to them, Fallon made a tweet about how he and Berry were going to “roll”. After some searching, I found it and it is listed below. I will say, that hashtag might become a meme with over 9,000 views!