Need a Belly Laugh? Jimmy Fallon Helps Kevin Hart Overcome His Fear of Roller Coasters: NOT

If you’ve ever wanted to see a grown man scream like a woman, put Kevin Hart on a roller coaster. As a guest on The Tonight Show this week, Hart was surrounded by roller coasters galore as they filmed at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Of course, Jimmy Fallon is going to take advantage of the situation suggesting that he help Kevin Hart get over his hellacious fear of roller coasters. All the while, Jimmy is facing his own roller coaster fears.

How was Jimmy going to do this? By putting Kevin on one of the most horrifying roller coasters in the park, the Rip Ride Rockit. But Jimmy goes a step further by putting Kevin in the very front seat of this ride that creeps straight up seventeen stories high over the entire park, and begins its spiral descent at 65 miles per hour. Shear terror for Kevin Hart.

The video is outrageously hilarious as Kevin Hart never opens his eyes once, while his mouth remains open with this horrific screeching sound coming from his lungs and filling entire Universal Studios. Hart is clenching the safety bar so tight, that his knuckles are white, which is rather difficult for a black man.

All the while, Jimmy Fallon is laughing it up at Kevin’s expense. That is until Jimmy is smacked in the face by a giant bug, at which time Jimmy begins whacking and smacking himself in the face trying to get rid of it. Karma’s a — well, we all know. Kevin, on the other hand, missed the entire event because he never opened his eyes.

How did Kevin feel about this roller coaster adventure? Hart tells Fallon, “I don’t like ’em,” Hart told Fallon. “You know damn well I don’t like no roller coasters.”

When the ride was coming to an end, and the coaster was slowing to a stop, Kevin looked over at Jimmy and with Jimmy’s hair standing on ends, Kevin laughs and says, “You look like Doc from Back To The Future…you.. you look like Marty just came back from 1976 and he mad about what he saw.”

Jimmy laughs and tells the workers to keep the ride going, making Kevin freak out at having to ride a second time.

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