Instant Cat Karma! Watch This Cat Make Heartless Woman Regret Messing With Kitty

Get ready for this video that’ll make you want to pump your fist, as it combines two of the most popular viral video genres currently on the internet — namely, cat videos, and the newer genre of “instant karma” videos.

Cat videos are pretty self-explanatory and have been a staple of internet video at least since the creation of YouTube in 2005. Maybe even longer, who knows? Cute cats, or any kind of cats, never seem to lose their attraction.

The “instant karma” video is something else entirely. This is genre which shows someone doing something cruel, thoughtless or dangerous to others and getting payback — instantly. Let’s be real, we all like to see jerks and bad guys get their comeuppance. The quicker that “karma” strikes, the better.

Now, many cat owners believe that their kitties are constantly plotting revenge for every possible slight. They are at least half right. Cats to have the ability to think ahead and plan future actions. Cats are pretty bright that way.

What cats do not have, the science tells us, is any concept of revenge. “Cats do not have the ego differentiation required for revenge,” says the cat-lover site Way of Cats. In other words, the idea that “you hurt me so I’m going to hurt you” is a concept too complex fort cats to grasp.

Or is it? Watch this video and then tell us what you think? Watch what happens to this rather cold-hearted woman who repeatedly kicks snow on to this innocent kitty, who probably just wants a warm place to rest. But this lady not only refuses to offer kindness to the cat, she has to be mean to the little kitty as well.

But our friend the cat has something to say about that.

The video appears to have been shot late last year, obviously somewhere in a wintry climate. Beyond that, we have no more details. But ever since the video was posted on Facebook in mid-December, it has been shared more than 470,000 times.

Check out this cat delivering instant karma and you’ll see why.