Israeli Air Force Shows Dominance In Defense, Decimates Eighty Gaza Terror Targets In Less Than Thirty Minutes

Jan Omega

The situation in the Middle East between Israel and the Hamas in the Gaza Strip has amplified in aggression over the course of this week. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported on Israel's new defense plan known as "Operation Protective Edge" which includes an "Iron Dome" that protects the country. We also reported that Israel's plan of protection is far better than what Barack Obama and John Kerry proposed. Good thing Israel knew what to do because it is apparent that Israel knows how to take care of themselves.

Now there are reports coming out of Jerusalem that the Israeli Air Force struck back at the Hamas by destroying eighty Gaza terror targets. However, that's not the most amazing part. What is surely divine is they were able to complete their task in less than thirty minutes!

The initial report was written by The Jerusalem Post, it states since the start of Operation Protective Edge, over five hundred targets have been hit. The Israeli Air Force targets infrastructure sites used by Hamas's senior commanders. Despite the sheer number of targets taken out by Israel, the Hamas continue to strike back hitting their northern-most and eastern-most targets to date with long range missiles. The areas hit were Zichron Ya'acov and Dimona.

Soon, the Palestinians joined by firing rockets at Rehovot and Ness Ziona which is when the "Code Red" signal was activated. More missiles were launched which would result in the death of a young child. That was enough to really get Israel's attention in which the answered in the span of time less than thirty minutes. Now those targets can be added to other infrastructures destroyed including one used by Ahmed Andur, a senior Hamas member in northern Gaza, who is responsible for rocket fir on southern Israel in recent months, as well as the failed attempt by Hamas naval commandos to land on Zikim beach and murder Israelis, as reported by Now The End Begins.

It can possibly assumed that during the air strikes, the Israeli Air Force might have taken out some ISIS terror cells, since we reported earlier that there was evidence that ISIS were now operating out of Gaza, primarily through pictures and Youtube videos. In that report, we wrote how the Hamas were doing their best to make sure no news about ISIS in Gaza would be reported, probably in a futile hope to show the world they were still in control. That report also said that the Hamas lost control of some of their terror cells to ISIS too.

This war between Israel against the Arab nation is far from over. We can only bring you the news as it happens. Now that Israel has retaliated with authority, who knows what the next move might be. And to be fair, Israel did show mercy by warning Gaza of the places they were going to attack prior to attacking through cell phone messaging.