Saving whales can get you labelled a terrorist

If there is one label that get thrown out in just about every part of our social interactions it has to be the terrorist one. You sneeze the wrong way you can be a terrorist. You belch the wrong way and you can be a terrorist. Decided to do whatever you can to save whales from being slaughtered by Japanese <cough> research </cough> ships in the Antarctic and you will find yourself being called a terrorist.

At least that is the case with the Sea Shepherd and the people behind the organization. It is this organizations goal to stop any whaling operations in any of the worlds oceans – especially the Antarctic as this is where the Japanese whaling fleet has been operating lately. The Sea Shepherd organization has been so successful over the last year that the Japanese press has labelled them a terrorist organization.

Japanese research whaling in the Antarctic Ocean has been sabotaged by the radical US conservation group Sea Shepherd.
Japanese fishery officials say activists hindered the whaling ship Kaiko Maru by throwing bottles of strong-smelling liquid into it and banging a boat into it over about 3 hours on Friday. They say the ship was only slightly damaged and that no one on board was hurt.

Source: NHK World

You can also watch the exploits of the Sea Shepherd ships in the new reality television show The Whale Wars on the Animal Planet cable station. As well you can see back shows on the AnimalPlanetTV channel on YouTube

[hat to Treehugger]