Why Brazil’s 7-1 Humiliating Loss At The Hands Of Germany Is Such A Big Deal

For those watching Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 loss at the hands of Germany, on Tuesday’s first semifinal, it was a hard thing to process. Whether you are a fan of the Verde Amarela or not, it was undeniable that many wanted the game to be over, sooner, rather than later.

So as to not forget, Brazil is the winningest country in World Cup history — with five titles — and one of the best, most respected squads on the planet. In Brazil, people live for football and what their boys do on the international stage.

Before the humiliating 7-1 loss Brazil suffered in the 2014 World Cup semifinal, they had a dream. The nation had waited 64 very long years, for the opportunity to host the World Cup once more and avenge what they thought was the darkest episode in their otherwise illustrious history, the Maracanazo.

1950 Maracanazo: Uruguay beats Brazil 1-0.
1950 Maracanazo: Uruguay beats Brazil 1-0 (Image via Twitter)

In 1950, host Brazil was stunned — much like with the 7-1 loss to Germany — when Uruguay beat them, 1-0, in the final of their very own World Cup. The nation was in shock, people died from heart attacks, in summary, it was a national disaster, the effects of which are felt to this day.

But the Maracanazo, as shocking as it was, paled in comparison to what happened when Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany. Nobody, nobody saw that coming, even if Neymar wasn’t playing.

Brazil is always a favorite in any international football competition and they are always expected to do well. Coming into the 2014 World Cup, Brazil, once again was a favorite, as the host and five time champion, this was Brazil’s World Cup to win. However, as is the case with many favorites, they ran into a big obstacle.

Brazil 7-1 loss to Germany, 2014 World Cup
Fan reacts to Brazil 7-1 loss to Germany, 2014 World Cup (Image via Twitter)

Germany became the most hated team in Brazil’s history with the 7-1 pummeling of the host. To the horror of stunned fans watching in the stands and all over the world, Germany scored five goals, five, in less than 20-minutes and Brazil seemed to be in a daze.

Things were so bad that the crowd loudly booed the players as they walked off the field at the halftime and as two additional goals ripped through their hearts in the last part of the second half, fans yelled “Olé” when Germany had possession of the ball. The ultimate insult.

David Luiz in tears, apologized for 7-1 loss.
David Luiz in tears, apologized for 7-1 loss (Image via Twitter)

There is no way of knowing, what the effects Brazil’s 7-1 loss will have in the future of the players that went through this humiliation. There are stories that some teams are no longer interested in signing, this one or that one, after the ineptitude shown on Tuesday. This is a big deal.

One thing is certain, even if the match wasn’t played at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, this will go down in history as the Mineirazo, the most devastating loss a team from Brazil has ever suffered and one the world won’t soon forget.

[Image via Twitter]