Katy Perry’s ‘Appearance’ As The Masked Hero In A Perfume Ad Is Bizarrely Unexplainable

Katy Perry has always had a penchant for the bizarre and outrageous. The much-loved global singing sensation recently ‘starred’ in an animated short-film that is in fact an advertisement for a perfume.

Certainly living up to her superstar persona, the short-clip features Katy Perry as a medieval heroine that does some weird heroics that gel well with the performer’s appearances. The company that thought of this unique promotional effort is Glamour and the new perfume is interestingly named Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution. Coincidentally, the perfume has been designed by Katy Perry in collaboration with Glamour.

Imagining Katy Perry as an action hero may be a hard thing to do, considering the fact that the singer always appears with make-up that oozes female sensuality. But the idea no longer has to exists in our imaginations now that Glamour has conceptualized and developed the brand promotional video. The abbreviated title is used for the video, ‘Royal Revolution’ in which Katy Perry dons a masked hero’s feminine, revealing, but tactile costume.

In the video ad, the animated version of Perry swashbuckles and mesmerizes a crew of men, including guards, kings and wizards, who aim to turn all the first born daughters in the land, into brainwashed maidens of the court, reported Radio.

Though it’s set in medieval times and the king has ordered his knights to kidnap all first-born daughters, his royal highness uses a futuristic transformation machine to turn them into stereotypical models. As the slew of wagons with first-born daughters trapped inside make their way into the castle for transformation, Katy Perry sneaks into the castle, only to boldly get herself captured by the royal guards.

After uncovering the diabolical plan of the king, using a spritz of Royal Revolution, Katy Perry dazzles and overpowers the guards and in the end uses the same bottle to literally crack the spell, shattering the glass globe destroying whatever evil force that was contained within and transforming the king into an adorable kitten in the process.

In short, Katy Perry, the masked heroine, who later boldly reveals her identity, becomes the animated liberator of all the women in the land. Thereafter she ascends the throne and caresses the king/kitten.

Explaining the new fragrance that will soon be available at all leading retailers, Glamour said, “Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution’s floral fragrance comprises of ‘notes of pink freesia, mystical blackthorn, jasmine, and vanilla orchid’,” reported Pop Crush.

Interestingly, the ad subtly promotes Katy Perry’s foray into fashion. Katy had recently unveiled a new jewelry collection at Claire’s.

[Image Credit | Jake Bailey]