Casey Anthony Ordered Back to Florida to Serve Probation

America’s most hated person Casey Anthony is being forced to return to the Sunshine State for a period of at least a year to serve out court-supervised probation.

Anthony’s got until August 26th to get her butt back to Florida after a judge issued the sanction. Casey’s probation is not due to the circumstances of her daughter’s death, however- the reviled mom is actually on probation for the check fraud charges on which she was held while police gathered evidence in little Caylee’s death.

Florida Judge Belvin Perry had to look at whether Anthony had served time sufficiently while held during the lead up to her trial. He eventually ruled that it was “clear the court stated the defendant’s probation was to start once she was released from jail,” and that time served did not count toward probation requirements.

It seems there was some confusion during the giant media circus that was the Casey Anthony trial, which led to the gap in her release and hammering out the terms of her probation. Probation in itself is technically a sentence, and Anthony will be required to follow certain conditions while under the court’s supervision for the period of a year- if she is found to be in violation of any of the judge’s orders, she will be returned to jail to serve out the balance of time allowable for the fraud charges.

Judge Perry did stipulate that Anthony’s address could remain private for the time being, but the move will certainly place Anthony in a precarious position to remain safe considering the massive public outcry following her acquittal. Even prior to her release, a woman who slightly resembles Anthony was attacked in another state when she was mistakenly identified as Anthony.