Not inviting a kid to an 8 year old’s party becomes a national scandal in Sweden.

The Swedish Parliament has been asked to adjudicate in a case that had rocked Sweden (and I’m not exaggerating), an 8 year old not inviting two of his class mates to his birthday party.

The complaint comes from the boys school, who claim (and again, I’m not making this up) that by not inviting the two children, the boy had violated the children’s rights by discriminating against them. The context is that the birthday party invites were handed out on school property, therefore the actions of an 8 year old on school property must comply with anti-discrimination laws.

According to a BBC report, the boy’s father has lodged a complaint with the parliamentary ombudsman, noting that “the two children were left out because one did not invite his son to his own party and he had fallen out with the other one.”

We now crown Sweden as the winner of the ultimate nanny state award for 2008…and possibly all time. The case is said to be decided by the Swedish Parliament by September.