Exposed: Shocking Racist Rant On Australian Train [Video]

A woman’s racist tirade on an Australian train was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube. The shocking video depicts the 55-year old woman mocking the facial features and speech of another passenger on a train from Sydney to Newcastle last Wednesday. The woman’s racist ranting landed in her in some hot water though. The woman claimed to be “Sue Wilkins,” but according to The Australian, the racist woman’s actual name is Karen Bailey. When Bailey exited the train, police that had been alerted talked to her. She was later arrested and issued a summons citing offensive language.

The woman spoke with the Nine Network trying to explain her racist outburst, “I was just getting all this anger out at anybody that would be near me, anybody at all.” Bailey said she couldn’t stop herself. She admitted that no one deserves to be spoken to the way she spoke to the train’s passengers. According to The Australian, she was having a rough day. Bailey said that she had just been scammed out of a hundred thousand dollars by a man she had met online on a dating site. If found guilty, the Australian woman will be out even more money from her rough Wednesday: The fine for offensive behavior is five hundred dollars.

The original, uncensored version of the video can be found here.

Howard Collins, the chief executive of Sydney Trains, told The Guardian that in the nearly four decades running trains, he has never seen racist behavior like the rant on the Australian train last Wednesday.