South Carolina Toddler Dies After Playing In Hot Car

The annual spate of toddlers left, forgotten, or otherwise found inside hot cars has claimed another victim.

Three-year-old Logan Cox of South Carolina climbed into a hot car last week, and was hospitalized for injuries sustained during the incident. On Sunday, Logan passed away.

According to police Cox, of Lancaster County, South Carolina, was located inside the vehicle on Wednesday morning.

Cox’s mother said that she and the boy had been taking a nap together when he wandered outside as she slept. Having exited the home with the family dog, Logan entered the car, and soon became trapped.

Logan’s mom, Amber Bender, and grandma estimate that the toddler had only been gone about 30 minutes when they woke to find him missing.

British newspaper the Daily Mail reports:

“His grandmother called 911 and a recording of the call reveals her daughter, Amber Bender, and grandson had been sitting together on the couch watching television when she ‘dozed off.’ Bender was asleep for around 30 minutes when Logan was discovered, the grandmother said… Relatives then found Logan in the locked car when they noticed the hazard lights blinking. [Cox’s grandfather] said the boy had learned how to unlock the car door but was unable to push it back open to get out because the weight of the door was too much.”

Sadly, the family’s dog died the day of the tragic hot car accident. Logan, who was initially responsive but suffering visible effects of hyperthermia, was moved to a cool bath by his family members as soon as he was discovered inside the hot car.

Given the current high profile story of a toddler’s horrifying hot car death in Georgia, reporters have heavily questioned the family about how the little boy came to be in the car.

Grandfather Jimmy Clevinger told the press that the child had been missing “from 15, 15 to 20 minutes, if that,” and added:


“I know it was an accident… My daughter was laying on the couch with him watching TV and my wife was in the bedroom.”

Another local news source reports that Cox’s cause of death is currently pending, and the paper says:

“Lancaster County Coroner Mike Morris said he learned of Logan’s death from the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office in Charlotte… At the time the North Carolina officials called him, Morris said, they had not determined the cause of Logan’s death. Medical examiners Sunday were waiting for information from the hospital to help in their investigation.”

Logan Cox’s family, who initially expected the child would recover, did not comment on Sunday.

[Image: Shutterstock]