Jesus’ Cross The Target Of Thieves In Odd Mother, Daughter Crime Spree

Jesus’ cross was the target of a mother and daughter crime spree that was so odd that you have to wonder if they are kleptomaniacs.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, an American flag stolen from the home of a 9/11 firefighter’s family ended up being returned when the thief realized what he or she had done. Unfortunately, supporters of illegal immigrants burning American flags did not show any regret as they cursed at the very nation they were entering.

Now 26-year-old Iris Nicole Carroll was actually caught on video stealing the cross from one front porch. The woman looked directly into the camera as she performed her deed and she even allegedly took off with several other crosses in addition to absconding with a pair of shoes.

The homeowners, Kevin and Aleisha Jones, responded by calling the sheriff’s office, but also posted the video of the theft on YouTube and Facebook, urging anyone who knew the woman to contact them. Acting on a tip, they search the home where located items from recent thefts. But when police caught up with the woman they also arrested 43-year old Cathy Silva, her mother, in relation to at least a dozen cases of theft.

Capt. Mike Gilbert with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department says they found an odd assortment of stolen items, even including a $6,000 engine turbo charger:

“One case led to more than one and we’re able to tie in the suspects more with the theft of the turbo charger.”

Some of the more oddball items that were stolen include a bench, a rocking chair, potted plants, a pink statue, star-shaped decorations, and a yard ornament that looks like an oriental style castle.

The mother had her bail set at $10,000 but the cross thief daughter still has not yet had a bond set.