Most Hated Person: Casey Anthony Unsurprisingly Tops Poll

In something that was totally a poll and not ripped from the Facebook page of a high school girl, Casey Anthony has been named the "most hated person" in the US.

The study, by E-Poll Market Research, polled a smallish sample of just over 1,000 people older than 30 to find out who Americans hated on most frequently. It's no surprise Anthony ranked tops on the poll, given the fact she was acquitted in the high-profile murder of her daughter Caylee despite widespread confidence Casey committed the crime. When Anthony was freed from jail last month in the middle of the night after the not guilty verdict, there was a massive outcry and even before her release, lookalikes were attacked on the street by angry vigalantes.

Just below Anthony on the list was Octomon Nadya Suleman- who people hate for a totally opposite reason. Suleman- who it was eventually revealed was unable to financially support her brood of 14 children after seeking expensive fertility treatments despite her status as a single mother to six at the time- has defended herself about criticism and seems to be remorseful for her actions. She recently said:

"I've been through more in the past year than most people go through in a lifetime. I've been sued, harassed, abused, but I've held my own... I think about others now and not so much about myself. I spend more time thinking about paying bills, paying my mortgage and paying attention."
57% of respondents in the survey dubbed Anthony "creepy," ranking her only below Marilyn Manson in creepiness in the polling stats over time. 60% of those polled believed Tot Mom is "cold," compared to a rate of 43% when polled about OJ Simpson.

Speaking of Simpson, he ranked fourth on the list of "most hated Americans," with Spencer Pratt and Jon Gosselin rounding out the group. Conclusion: in America, the second worst thing you can do behind killing your family is adding to it excessively.