Santa Massacre Death Toll Now Stands at 9 People

The death toll in the “Santa Massacre” case that has shocked the world now stands at 9 people after authorities found another body at the scene.

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo attended a Christmas Eve party in Covida, Los Angeles around 11:30pm Christmas Eve dressed as Santa as a ploy for entry. Pardo fired on party goers, including his ex-wife and relatives, before torching the house and fleeing the scene to later take his own life.

Initial reports indicated at least three people dead, with authorities hampered by the charred ruins of the house.

The shocking eyewitness reports include an eight-year-old girl opening the door at the home, excited to see Santa, only to be then shot in the face at point blank range.

Reports suggest that Pardo had tickets to Canada and intended to flee the country after the Massacre. It’s thought that he took his own life only after receiving third degree burns when torching the house.

Authorities were fortunate not to be injured when approaching Pardo’s car, with a pipe bomb set to take out the car fortunately detonating without police in close proximity.