June 29, 2017
John Lennon Fan's Tattoo Looks More Like Harry Potter Than Legendary Beatles Singer

A John Lennon super fan has found himself in the middle of a social media firestorm over his decision to get a tattoo of the legendary Beatles singer.

The firestorm, though, has nothing to do with the man's decision to get the tattoo. It is what the tattoo looks like that is getting the man what could be an unwanted amount of attention, according to The Daily Mail.

"The inking has been branded a 'tattoo fail' by Still Game actor Greg Hemphill who Tweeted: 'Imagine all the wizards*'.

"The hilarious image was sent to a specialist Twitter account that deals with unfortunate tattoos before going viral."

The reactions on Twitter have been nothing short of harsh, the paper reports:
"One Twitter user called Ahammersfan said: 'It looks like John Lennon after a stroke.'

"A second, Lubo1967 added: 'Jesus H Christ looks like Harry Potter with a broken nose.'"

While the particular tattoo in question may have not turned out so good for the recipient of the permanent Harry Potter-esq John Lennon tattoo, it does not mean that all John Lennon tattoos turn out bad. A quick search on Twitter reveals that getting Lennon or Beatles-based tattoos are sort of a thing.

Among the most impressive tattoos we found in researching this story was the following full-back John Lennon tattoo:

There's also this John Lennon tattoo that appears on a man's upper arm featuring Lennon enjoying a smoke:

There was also this tattoo that featured a cartoon-like image of Lennon:

The Daily Mail quoted a tattoo expert who said the unfortunate Harry Potter-like John Lennon tattoo could be the result of a young tattoo artist or the recipient of the tattoo not researching the artist as thoroughly as he should have.

Either way, anytime you get a tattoo, you better make certain that you want that bit of ink on your body for the rest of your life. You'd hate to be like a man reported on by The Inquisitr in 2011 who had to raise $35,000 to remove several tattoos from his face after he turned his back on being a white supremacist and turned his life around.

[Images via The Daily Mail and Flickr Creative Commons]