Got An iPhone 5c? Check Out These Gorgeous Wooden Cases Just For The iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c catches a lot of flak over its polycarbonate shell, even though it's a pretty handy device. Even if the iPhone 5c is made of plastic, that doesn't mean you can't cover it with some premium materials as we found out when we took a look at these great cases.

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Maybe you're just not satisfied with the look of the iPhone 5c. Maybe it's a holdover phone, and you want to protect it for resale value while waiting for the iPhone 6 to come out this fall. Whatever the reason, you're in luck because there are multiple options for you to deck out your iPhone 5c in style.

Grovemade iPhone 5c
Grovemade's iPhone 5c bumpers are a solid way of keeping your iPhone safe from, well, bumps.

We'll start off with the wooden bumpers from Grovemade. Grovemade makes an array of Mac- and iPad-friendly gear, and they've also shown the iPhone 5c a bit of love. For 5c owners, Grovemade has two different bumpers that will go perfectly with the mid-range iPhone, depending on what color you've got. They show Maple and Walnut bumpers along with the blue iPhone 5c model, but we're certain that either would go so much better with either the yellow or white models. The all-wood bumpers will protect your iPhone from shocks while not adding too much to the 5c's slim profile. They're hand-made in the United States, sell for $39, and typically ship within five days.

Carved iPhone 5c
Carved's iPhone 5c cases blend plastic and wood with intricate designs.

Next up is the iPhone 5c case selection from Carved. We were simply blown away by what they've got on display for the 5c. Carved's selection blends real wood components with a durable plastic casing, giving you the natural wood look and feel, but without as much risk of damage to your iPhone 5c or the case. If you're not blown away by that Aztec Calendar design cover, we just don't know what to tell you. Carvedproducts' iPhone 5c cases range from $20 to $40, and it looks like they're worth it.

iPhone 5c tmbr
The iPhone 5c case line from tmbr attempts to match the colorful nature of the mid-range iPhone.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the wooden iPhone 5c case lineup from tmbr. Tmbr – get it? Timber? – plays along with the colorful aesthetic of the iPhone 5c, and its cases feature a wooden back with a colored plastic side to hold the phone. The result is a great synergy between the 5c and the case, with the colors clashing or combining in just the right way, even as the wooden facade covers the whole thing. Tmbr's cases are available in Bamboo, Walnut, and Rosewood, with highlights available in all the colors you can find the iPhone 5c in, plus clear. They start at $23.

iPhone 5c bamboo
Lisi's iPhone 5c cases have intricate designs etched into their bamboo.

Lisi Communications' line of iPhone 5c covers is also really worth looking into. Lisi designs its iPhone 5c covers with laser-etching technology, making for some seriously awesome designs. We were torn between the minimalist dandelion pattern, the sea wave pattern, and the truly awesome swirled bamboo pattern. Too hard to choose, but at the cost of $7 each, maybe you wouldn't have to.

And there you have it: dozens of options to spruce up the look of your iPhone 5c. There are even more out there, but we thought these were among the best and most beautiful. It just goes to show that even if your iPhone is plastic, that doesn't mean you can't protect it in style.