Magaluf Public Sex Video: Party Organizer ‘Carnage’ Pressures Teens Into Lewd Acts, Report Says

A video showing an 18-year-old Northern Ireland tourist in Magaluf, Spain, performing a sex act on 24 young men in quick succession reportedly in order to win a single free drink briefly went viral last week and created a scandal in Britain. British teenagers flock to the Spanish resort town for uninhibited vacation parties where binge drinking runs rampant, and it now appears public sex acts are commonplace.

Now a British newspaper has uncovered a second video of a public sex acts in a Magaluf nightclub, and the report in the Sunday Mirror points the finger squarely at a party-organizing company called Carnage Magaluf which, it alleges, pressures teen girls to put on impromptu, drunken sex shows.

Carnage Magaluf organizes “pub crawl” parties for large groups of young British tourists. After the video of the 18-year-old girl became public, Carnage Magaluf party organizer Alex Collinson, 28, who put together the event at which the teen was recorded performing serial acts of oral sex, responded to the scandal on his Facebook page, saying “Don’t no (sic) what all the fuss is about, it’s an average night on Carnage bar crawl.”

Collinson went on to refer to the young men who received the sex act from the 18-year-old as “studs.”

And indeed, the Sunday Mirror report alleged that Carnage reps in Magaluf have already begun using the video as part of sales pitch to sign up British teens for their pub crawl events.

“The party firm’s tactic is to openly encourage young girls to keep taking things to the sleaziest level possible in the hope that its new found notoriety lures even more youngsters into booze-fueled debauchery,” the paper wrote, adding that “dozens of vulnerable young girls are being exploited — duped into drinking too much then egged on and verbally abused when they refuse to play along.”

The Mirror also uncovered another video, in which a young woman, also believed to be a tourist in Magaluf from the U.K., apparently engages in public sexual intercourse with one man while performing an oral sex act on another at the same time.

But when the apparent teenager in the video seems to become reluctant, stopping the act in progress, a Carnage Magaluf rep, speaking in a British accent on a public address system verbally berates her, declaring, “This is Carnage and this is what we do!”

The Carnage Magaluf rep ridicules the girl for her “stage fright” and insults her as a “slag,” which is the British equivalent of the word “slut.” He then commands her to continue with the sex acts.

A female Carnage rep in Magaluf told the Mirror that the company does not “force people to do stuff. We just ask who wants to volunteer.”

“It’s only because the video leaked that people are talking about it. No one out here is shocked because everyone knows it happens,” said the Carnage Magaluf rep who gave her name as Polly. “It was actually one of our reps who filmed it and then he sent it to his mate and his mate put it on Facebook. He’s not sorry.”