Robin Thicke Gets Feedback On ‘Paula’ From Female Music Critics: Would They Take Him Back?

Robin Thicke’s attempt to win back his estranged wife, Paula Patton, is making news – including Billboard, which took a mini poll of sorts of female music critics. The publication asked ten influential members of the music journalism industry if they would take Robin back after hearing his new album, Paula.

The response was a bit of a mixed bag, but enlightening if Robin wants a new perspective on his attempts to win back his wife of nearly a decade.

Devon Angelica Brown said, “I dove into Paula with hopes of reconciliation. ‘Get Her Back’ and ‘Forever Love’ had me cheering on Thicke’s approach, but as the album played on—and especially after a second listen—it felt self indulgent. Even in the day and age of reality TV, it felt embarrassing to have this access into their marriage.”

The “self-indulgent” analysis was shared by other critics, even outside of the Billboard survey. The Globe and Mail‘s Alexandra Molotkow compared Thicke’s break-up music to noted performers who put their heartbreak into song, such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. The difference, argued Molotkow, is in the perspective: “[W]hile Swift and Beyoncé are the heroes of their stories, Thicke is the villain, which he doesn’t seem to understand.”

Molotkow was also quick to point out Thicke’s own role in his break-up drama: “When the couple announced their separation, anyone paying attention could guess the reasons. Of course, it was nobody’s business until Thicke made an instant spectacle out of his grief.”

Karen Civil, among those polled by Billboard, seems to appreciate Thicke’s effort, at least on the face of it: “Robin has been wearing his heart on his sleeve as of late. It’s evident he loves his wife and is doing his hardest to get her back. It’s a romantic gesture but I wish it didn’t have to come to this for him to realize the prize he had. I’m actually hoping he can win her back, cause this Paula campaign is something straight out of a Telenovela”

Jillian Mapes was far less generous, stating: “It’s hard to pinpoint what’s more inappropriate: not respecting your estranged wife’s privacy, or singing about your interactions with other women on an album intended to win her back.”

Clare Lobenfeld had a reasonable response to the record and its emotional exasperations: “If I’m Paula, I’m staying away from both him and the media until he shows and proves in private.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Robin Thicke recently released a video that purportedly showed texts written by his estranged wife.

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