‘Dougherty Gang’ Captured in Colorado Following High-Speed Car Chase

All three members of the devilish “Dougherty Gang” have been captured south of Pueblo, Colorado, following a 20-mile, 100mph car chase that ended in a crash, according to police and the FBI.

The alleged gang – consisting of stripper Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, and her brothers, Ryan, 21, and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26 – had been on the run for more than a week after firing at a police officer in central Florida who tried to pull over their 2006 white Subaru Impreza for speeding on August 2nd.

After escaping arrest, the trio made their way to Valdosta, Georgia, where they stormed a local Certus Bank with guns blazing, shooting up the ceiling before making off with an unknown amount of cash.

Following the shooting in Florida, the FBI activated the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s national law enforcement alert system, immediately putting the Dougherty siblings’ photographs on hundreds of billboards throughout the Southeast.

Colorado State Troopers said they received a citizen’s tip Wednesday morning that the siblings were at a camp ground near Colorado City.

“The tip that led to their arrest came from the public,” FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett said.

By the time patrol officers had arrived at the camp grounds, the vehicle had left, but was later spotted again at a gas station. After authorities unsuccessfully attempted to stop the automobile, a pursuit began, with the car heading southbound toward New Mexico.

Police then say the siblings fired at the troopers as they chased them down Interstate 25. Troopers set up “stop sticks,” Teflon-coated quills that puncture tires, on the highway, which caused the siblings’ car to crash near Walsenburg, Colorado.

After the crash, Lee Grace was reported shot in the leg and was taken into custody with one of her brothers. The other brother briefly escaped but was captured shortly thereafter at a local motel.

“These three were very, very dangerous,” Chris Nocco,a Pasco County Sheriff in Florida remarked Wednesday.

Nocco went on to say that authorities were looking to “connect the dots” on other possible crimes that the Dougherty Gang may have committed while on the run.

via CSM