Rex Grossman runs off at the mouth

According to Rex Grossman the Washington Redskins will win the NFC East. It is a pretty interesting statement from a former first round draft pick of the Chicago Bears, and a guy on his third NFL team. Delusion is always rampant when we talk about the Redskins like one of the Shanahan’s saying John Beck should have been the 10th overall pick, and Daniel Snyder’s free agent signings are going to work out. To put it simply this team is going nowhere, not that they haven’t improved but they simply still cannot compete with the Philadelphia Eagles, or New York Giants. I would hardly call beating up on the Dallas Cowboys the same as winning a division, but that will make a lot of people smile.

As you can tell I think the Washington Redskins are a poor excuse for a NFL club. For the most part I blame their owner who has never been able to turn his never ending wallet into anything resembling on the field success. When I look over what they have done since free agency started, I see them spending a lot of money on average players. Maybe they will catch lightning in the bottle, but I kind of doubt it.

They did pick up a couple of sixth round picks for QB Donovan McNabb, and a 2013 fifth round pick for Albert Haynesworth. Rex, tell me exactly how much of Snyder’s money did Albert leave town with? Not that it mattes much anymore, but that has got to be one of the worst contracts ever signed by any sports team, EVER.

When I look at the Washington Redskins schedule I do not see the ten or eleven wins it will take for them to secure a divisional title. Right now I see three games they should win, maybe another three they could win, and ten that look like sure losses. That will not win a division or even get this team to be respected. By the way, a big shout out to my boy Mario and the 6-11 crew for sending me this story.