Comcast’s $10 Internet Plan For Low Income Families Coming Soon

If you are one of the families wishing you had high-speed Internet, but without the means to fork over the $35-plus dollars a month for the service, Comcast has the solution – provided you can meet their criteria.

Comcast, the largest cable operator, home Internet service provider, and fourth largest home telephone service provider in the United States, recently announced their new $10 Internet plan.

The plan, called “Internet Essentials,” is part of Comcast’s bid to comply with regulators requiring the Philadelphia-based company to help low-income families access the Internet in exchange for approving the acquisition of NBC Universal, PC World reported Monday.

The low-cost connection provided by the Internet Essentials plan includes connection speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps download and 384 Kbps upload, according to Comcast, who also added that there would be no additional activation or equipment rental fees and no price increases on the $10/month service.

In addition to the discounted broadband, eligible families will also receive a voucher allowing them to buy a low-cost computer for $149.99 plus tax, along with training on how to use it.

In order to quality for the plan, families must meet the following criteria:

  1. One of the children has to be enrolled in the National School Lunch Program.
  2. Families must live in one of the 39 states Comcast serves.
  3. Families can’t have had Internet service from the company 90 days prior to joining the program.
  4. Families can’t have any overdue Comcast bills or un-returned equipment.

Comcast’s $10 Internet plan is scheduled to be rolled out in September – the start of the school year for most children in the U.S.
For more information head over to or call 1-855-8-INTERNET.