Kingdom Hearts III's Tai Yasue Teases What Is To Come, Creates Uproar With Fans That Read Too Far Between The Lines

The announcement and imminent release of Kingdom Hearts III coerced a wave of cheerful sighs of relief and joyous uproars that were heard across the world in Unison. The lack of details and estimated release date brought forth subdued moans that quickly followed. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Final Fantasy XV were two roadblocks that stood in the way of playing the much sought after Kingdom Hearts III.

However, in a recent interview between Tai Yasue and GameInformer, it was revealed that Kingdom Hearts 2.5 would not be a cause for delay.

"We've been working full throttle. It's moving along. We structured our team in a way that development of 2.5 doesn't impede Kingdom Hearts III. I'm actually very excited about Kingdom Hearts III."
Yasue revealed that much of the delay is due to the transition to the next gen consoles, such as the Xbox One and PS4. There are new intricacies that they need to get used to in order for the final product to be as close to perfection as possible.
When asked about what he was most excited for in Kingdom Hearts III, Tai Yasue responded:
"The technology and creative stuff. There's a lot of stuff we have never ever done before. There's a lot that's the same, but there's a lot that's changed. We're moving from a totally different console to [a new] console. The technology has evolved; it's very new and everyone is doing a lot of research. And look-wise, it looks amazing as well. We've shown you some of the trailers and teasers. There are a lot of Disney-themed attractions, so that's exciting as well. It's very exciting for me and I want to tell you more about it, but I really can't at this moment."
Yasue was also asked about the inclusion of new worlds in Kingdom Hearts III:
"It's going to be a mix. Whenever we come up with worlds for Kingdom Hearts, we want to have them be varied. You don't want the same type of world, so we will have different categories. That will make it feel fresh, like you're having an adventure."
New Rumors

The taboo question of the inclusion of Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilms, and Frozen popped up as well.

"Everyone wants to know. I can't say at this moment, but news will come out about the worlds. There's a lot of Disney content that's new and coming out and we're considering which ones to use, which would be good from a gameplay perspective. This is not an announcement or anything, but personally I enjoyed watching Frozen. It was magical: the stories, the songs, the ice expressions."
The consensus of most true fans of the Kingdom Hearts series is that Marvel, Star Wars, and newer Disney titles, such as Frozen, should not be included in the Xehanort Saga. There is already a base that has worked great so far and mixing it up with completely different franchises would stray too far from the current formula.

Daniel Salazar, a fan, read between the lines and assumed that Frozed was confirmed, despite Yasue stating that it was not confirmed:

"So pretty much he confirmed frozen is in kingdom hearts 3 in this interview. Can't wait"

Another Fan, Michael Weichert, responded by saying:

"Except he didn't....he only said that he enjoyed it. I hope Frozen isn't in the game, I've had enough with that over-rated movie"
Kingdom Hearts has many fans that range from those that know every detail about the game and those that feed upon the rumors that are imagined from reading too far between the lines of interviews. As with any other teased game, it is best to sit back, relax with the older games in the series, and relive the excitement until confirmed details are released from Square Enix directly.

Photo Courtesy: Square Enix