Kingdom Hearts 3 Release On The Horizon?

Fans have been waiting for the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 for a long time, and it looks there finally might be hope. While Square Enix produce Shinji Hashmioto has yet to explicitly admit the game is on its way, Breathe Cast has reported that some hints have been dropped that the new Kingdom Hearts game will be announced at the upcoming E3 gaming convention.

When asked at Comic-Con if Kingdom Hearts 3 would be released at E3, Shinji said, “We would like to keep it secret… Actually not only do we have June, but there will be many events from now on such as San Diego Comic-Con, Tokyo Game Show, and others.” When fans pushed for more answers about Kingdom Hearts, the producer insisted all details are a secret but that fans “will be surprised.”

Surprised? Does that mean Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t coming out after all? Is some other game coming out in its place? Not likely. Earlier this year, Yosuke Matsuda, the CEO and President of Square Enix (the company that develops the Kingdom Hearts games), stated he was confident that the company would release Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV soon. He claimed Final Fantasy XV was “quite far into development,” and added, “but that doesn’t mean Kingdom Hearts isn’t.” This means Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced soon, even if it isn’t at E3 this June.

Yosuke’s last comment is probably a reference to something the Inquisitr has covered in the past: a development roadblock that caused Final Fantasy XV to slow the production of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Gaming Bolt and The Examiner both agree with the rumors that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced at this years E3 convention. A video was released by Square Enix teasing some very important announcements planned for E3, and since Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are the company’s most successful and well-known games, it’s unlikely they’re planning to announce anything else. You can watch the entire video below:

Fans will have to hope the E3 announcement provides an actual release date, and not just more promises that the game is on the way. At the very least, we can expect to hear more details about Kingdom Hearts 3 and its features.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 does finally come out, it will be available for the XBox One and Playstation 4 platforms. In the meantime, you can already pre-order a copy at

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? Will it be worth the wait?

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