Kate Middleton Reportedly Feuding With The Queen Over ‘Excessive Spending’

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is reportedly feuding with the Queen over a variety of issues, including excessive spending and her plans to leave London. Kate is said to be seeking some peace and quiet away from the palace where she and Prince William are currently living.

Life & Style magazine’s July print edition features the story “Tormented by the Queen,” in which it alleges that the Duchess is in constant conflict with the Queen over the way she dresses, her skills as a mother, and the decisions she makes.

In addition, a source revealed to the publication that, even though Kate and the Queen are all smiles and waves at public events, behind closed doors it’s quite a different matter. The insider said about the Queen: “She feels very embarrassed by Kate.”

Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s fashion sense, or the alleged “excessive spending,” or her parenting style, the Queen is apparently always right there with a comment, which makes for a heavy atmosphere at the palace.

The Queen is also said to have an issue with the fact that Middleton doesn’t come from a prestigious family. “She feels like she still acts like a commoner,” it’s said.

The publication even goes as far as to suggest that the Queen and the Duchess are in fact “at war,” and that there is no love lost between the two. So much so that Kate is moving out of London with Prince George and Prince William to their country home in Norfolk.


Apparently, the Queen is not happy about that move, as the source continued, “Kate’s breaking all the rules, and it’s sent shockwaves through the palace. The Queen feels its important for William, Kate and George to be based in London, but Kate is completely going against her wishes.”

Things seem to be so bad that some insiders are even comparing the situation to the Queen’s tenuous relationship with the late Princess Diana, as a source said, “Some of Kate’s behavior mirrors Diana’s behavior and personality traits as well, and the Queen doesn’t like it at all. It’s going to lead to even more problems between these two powerful women.”

Because Kate Middleton is such a powerful woman with a strong personality, it is expected that the last thing she is going to do is to back down from her position on anything.

How the relationship between Kate Middleton and the Queen will pan out in the future remains to be seen. What is for sure is that the two women will be making many news headlines if they continue to feud.