Russell Crowe Given Mayorship, Joins Mark Wahlberg In ‘Broken City’

Russell Crowe has accepted a role in Allen Hughes’ Broken City. The A-List actor will play a mayor who hires a private detective (Mark Wahlberg) to spy on his wife who he believes may be cheating.

The new noir film directed by Hughes focuses on Wahlberg, an ex-cop turned investigator who uncovers the affair, only to find out later that that wife’s lover has ended up dead, leading him to uncover various conspiracies and corruption at the highest levels of the city’s political chain.

Hughes chose the project after various troubles on the film adaption of Anime classic Akira forced him to drop his directing job at Warner Bros.

If you simply can’t get enough of Russell Crowe you can catch him in “The Man With The Iron Fist” which is set to debut sometime in 2012.

Broken City does not have a production start date at this time.

One thing is for certain, it’s a lot easier to picture the 47 year old actor in the role of a possibly corrupt city mayor than it is to think of him as an aging Robin Hood and anyone who saw the movie “The Departed” already knows that Mark Wahlberg is very capable of playing a former police officer who becomes in tangled in situations that are over his head.

Will you be heading out to watch Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg play enemies to one another when Broken City finally debuts in the next few years?

The script for Broken City has been written by Brian Tucker.