John Lennon’s Art And Legacy Made Public

For many years now, Yoko Ono has been putting the late John Lennon’s visual artwork up for display in museums all across the globe. The latest exhibition put Lennon’s work out for public viewing at the Paul Mahder Gallery in Healdsburg, California at the end of June.

Ono charges little to no admission for John Lennon’s art exhibitions. Any money she does make, she gives to charity. This is part of an ongoing attempt to spread the love and artwork of one of the worlds most celebrated musicians. Yoko Ono is sometimes blamed for causing a divide between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, inevitably breaking up the Beatles. Perhaps Yoko Ono is trying to make amends for what people think she did by sharing as much of Lennon’s art with the world as possible.

According to Press Democrat, the showing of Lennon’s art in Healdsburg was for the benefit of the Redwood Empire Food Bank. The exhibit contained 100 limited-edition lithographs, serigraphs and copper etchings all by John Lennon. The artwork is put on display less than a dozen times a year, so whenever Lennon’s art shows up, it’s important to see it while it lasts. Unfortunately, the John Lennon Healsburg exhibit has already come and gone.

“Redwood Empire is so important to Sonoma County,” Yoko Ono said about the exhibition. “This is exactly the kind of organization that John would be proud to support. This is why we do this. For community.”

Sharing John Lennon’s artwork seems to be about more than just releasing his notorious genius to the world. Ono claims that his art still brings people happiness to this day.


“John was an artist first, from the time he was a young man,” she said. “It is a wonderful thing to see how much joy it has brought so many people.”

Yoko Ono has also found other ways to expand John Lennon’s legacy. According to, Ono has started licensing John Lennon’sname, likeness, and signature as part of the “John Lennon Classic” brand. The “Bag One Arts” brand is another outlet through which Ono can share Lennon’s art by licensing new artistic content based on some of Lennon’s rare drawings. His manuscripts have also gone up for auction.

“Regardless of how we have experienced John Lennon — through his music, his art, his writings — he was defined by the message of love and peace, becoming an icon for generations worldwide,” Ono said. “I regard the John Lennon Classic and Bag One Arts licensing programs as another way to honor John’s legacy, and I am confident that by working closely with [Epic Rights CEO] Dell [Furano and [his] team, we will achieve this goal.”