Watch: Biker Gang Harasses Motorist — But You’ll Never Guess The Twist Ending To This Video

Videos of biker gangs attacking and harassing motorists have, unfortunately, become all-too-common. A horrible incident last year in New York City made national headlines and resulted in the driver of an SUV, with his wife and child trapped inside the vehicle, badly beaten by bikers.

Here at The Inquisitr, we have to admit, we’ve run our share of biker vs. motorist videos as well.

But we’ve got one here that we’re pretty sure you’ll want to watch — all the way through to the end.

In this video from Russia, where we know people can get a little crazy, bikers stop a motorist and harass him, seemingly for no reason. It’s a scary situation for both the poor guy and his terrified girlfriend in the car.

Sounds pretty much like a lot of other disturbing biker videos. However, there is a very specific reason why this video, which went up on YouTube June 30, already has nearly 4.5 million views just four days later.

Watch the two-and-half-minute-video to the end, and you’ll understand exactly what that reason is. In fact, we won’t be surprised if once you watch it, you want to share the video yourself.

Go ahead, watch this biker gang video and prepare for a shock.