Pregnant Woman Survives Being Runover By Metro Train In China!

This 31-year-old pregnant woman from China might be the luckiest person alive on earth today. Shocking pictures and a video of the woman crawling out from underneath the train have gone viral.

The pregnant woman, who has been identified as Yue Yan Mai, had fallen on the tracks as the train was arriving in the station in Beijing, reports The Metro. Everyone gathered in the station was expecting the worst – when miraculously, the pregnant woman crawled out from underneath the train- apparently unscathed!

Usually, there is a sensational reason when someone is run-over by a train. They may be pushed deliberately or it may be a suicide attempt, but in this case, the cause is much less dramatic. The accident was the result of simple impatience. Trains were running late and people started leaning out over the edge of the platform to look for the next one. Among them was the pregnant woman who ended up leaning a bit too far.

Before anyone realized what happened, she had fallen off the platform. To everyone’s horror, the long awaited train was seen making a swift entry into the station. The train driver, identified as Lei He, hit the brakes as fast as he could – but he couldn’t stop the train in time. The train had passed over Mai.

Chinese woman under train

What happened next was captured in these amazing pictures. The pregnant woman is seen crawling out from beneath the train and stands up on her feet to everyone’s amazement.

The pregnant woman later described her version of the events and revealed that when the incident happened, she was extremely tired and weary. Also, due to her pregnancy, she was a bit unsteady on her feet because of the added weight.

“I was keen to get back home because I was feeling tired and I’m a bit unsteady.”

According to the pregnant woman, because of her tiredness, she had become impatient and leaned over to check if the train was coming. This was right after she heard a noise coming from the direction the train was supposed to come from. It was at this moment that she couldn’t check her balance and simply toppled over. Within seconds, she found herself lying right in the path of the train.

“To say it was terrifying would be an understatement.”

While other passengers looked on, the train driver did all he could to stop the train in time. The emergency brake was slammed hard, but even that wasn’t enough to stop the train and is just passed over the pregnant woman. Seconds later, she simply walked out unscathed.

A rail service spokesman told the media;

“I dread to think what would have happened if he had not acted so quickly.”

The pregnant woman’s quick thinking and her decision to squat down seems to have saved her and her baby’s life. The fact that the clearance between the track and the chassis of the train was high also contributed to her luck.

After being rescued, the pregnant woman was taken to a local hospital for a check up. Doctors have certified that both she and her baby are fine.

This incident comes just days after a lucky 22-year-old woman managed to survive being run over multiple times by trains with just minor fractures. Then there was the case of the suicidal woman who was rescued by a police officer.

[Images Via Sina Video]