Pippa Middleton: Prince George’s Aunt Upsets Royal Family Over ‘Today’ Interview Without Seeking Their Approval?

Pippa Middleton, the vibrant aunt of Prince George and sister of Duchess Kate’s, has reportedly upset the British royal family over an interview she gave to NBC’s Today with Matt Lauer earlier this week. An exclusive interview is published by RadarOnline after speaking with an “aristocratic source” who spilled to the celebrity news website that Buckingham Palace is not too happy with Kate’s young sister.

The insider reveals this about the Palace:

“They are furious with Pippa. They wish that she would shut-up. It is obvious that she wants to define her identify and step out of her sisters shadow, however she needs to know her place.”

According to the source, Pippa wanted to do the interview when her book came out, but was “discouraged from doing it as it would appear she was using relationship with Kate to promote the book.”

The palace is said to be furious that Pippa went ahead with her “first tell-all behind their royal backs,” the report adds.

Clarence House, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s home, knew about the interview and were alright with it, the article states.

In the interview Pippa had with Matt Lauer Monday and Tuesday, she talked briefly about a number of things from her wedding dress on up to what it’s like being the aunt to England’s future king. She said the wedding dress she wore at her sister’s royal wedding was meant to be “insignificant.” The astounding media attention that followed was overwhelming for her and she described the feeling as “embarrassing.” On the bright side, she fully admits that she’s had amazing opportunities that wouldn’t have come her way otherwise.

Pippa also told Matt Lauer that her nephew is “very funny” and quite “characterful.” She said Prince George has brought the whole family closer and they enjoy spending weekends with him. An Inquisitr article here went into more details in that segment.

In another interesting twist, the aristocratic source says Pippa agreed to do the interview so she could use it as a platform for other opportunities in the media. It’s not specified if that means she’d like to possibly work for NBC or any other American TV network. As Sydney Morning Herald also reports, there are rumors in the U.S. that NBC is trying to “lock down Pippa as a Today Show contributor.”

So, did Pippa Middleton need clearance before she had her interview, or did she ignore proper protocol with the monarchy? Regardless of the red tape speculations, the worldwide exclusive on NBC’s Today was tame and what Pippa had to say had already been in the press since William and Kate’s wedding.

[Image via My TFI News]