Louisiana Mom Gloria Elzy Arrested After She Forgets Five-Week-Old Baby Inside Car!

Rahul Srinivas

A 44-year-old mother of two has been arrested after she left her five-week-old baby locked inside a car. The woman, identified as Gloria Elzy, left her newborn infant inside her car for more than half an hour on a hot summer day. According to KSN, The incident happened in the parking lot outside a mall at Slidell, Louisiana at around 5 pm local time. The episode could have turned into a tragedy had it not been for a good samaritan who called 911 immediately after seeing an unresponsive baby inside the vehicle.

Police were immediately alerted about the situation. First to arrive on the scene was Officer Joshua Funck. The officer used a device to pry open the door of the car and took the baby out. He observed that the infant was sweating profusely at the time, and was not conscious. The baby was rushed to a nearby hospital where, according to doctors, he has made a full recovery and is doing fine. According to officials, the temperatures outside on the day was around 90 degrees. Inside the car, however, it could have been easily gone past an alarming hot 130 degrees – which is potentially deadly for anyone, let alone an infant.

Meanwhile, police officers and local citizens have termed the people behind the rescue - the man who alerted officials about the baby and officer Josha to be heroes. Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said;

"If the citizen wouldn't have immediately called Slidell Police, and Officer Funck didn't act quickly, the baby would not have survived. They are both heroes in my book."

Meanwhile, Child Protective Service officials have taken custody of both of Gloria Elzy's children and is also investigating the case. The age of Gloria's older child has not been revealed.

"It's mind-boggling to me that someone can leave, better yet, forget, about a child inside of a vehicle," Randy Smith added.

With so many instances of infants and pets being left behind in cars being reported and talked about, it is still surprising that we continue to hear about such cases on an almost daily basis.

Do you think Gloria Elzy should go to jail for this?

[Image via Delaware.gov]