Food Truck Explosion: ‘Fireball’ Caused By Propane Explosion Injures 11+ People

A food truck explosion in Philadelphia sent at least 11 people to the hospital. On Tuesday evening, a propane tank on a food truck exploded into a fireball, this according to ABC News. The incident occurred outside of an auto body shop in the Feltonville neighborhood. Police say that a mother and daughter were critically injured in the blast, while at least nine others were treated for less-severe injuries.

ABC News reports:

“Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said the mother and daughter worked on the food truck and that they were in critical condition with burns across a substantial portion of their bodies. Two others were in the hospital in stable condition and about seven more people were treated and released.”

The food truck explosion was frightening — and could have been deadly. Thankfully, everyone involved is expected to be okay.

According to USA Today, the worst injuries included a 40-year-old woman who “suffered third-degree burns over almost all of her body.” Also, a 25-year-old woman “suffered second- and third-degree burns to nearly 100% of her body.” A 33-year-old man also had bad injuries with first-degree burns. The others who were injured were treated and released. Their injuries likely included burns, cuts, bruises, and other minor things.

The food truck explosion was caused when a four-foot propane tank combusted and was thrown nearly 150 feet. While the incident does seem like it was a freak accident, police say that they are conducting a full investigation, just to be sure that there wasn’t anything else going on.

Scott Small said:

“We want to ensure that this was an accidental explosion. We want to ensure this wasn’t anything criminal. The bomb squad is investigating to see if there is any foul play. That will be the result of a completed investigation.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the whole area was shaken when the propane tank exploded. Witnesses didn’t know what happened at first, which was even more frightening.

Resident Nicole Ellis explained:

“We thought something fell over. Then all of a sudden we heard screams. We walked outside and the truck was billowing fire.”

Ellis also says that one of the people inside the food truck was allegedly ejected from the vehicle and thrown. There has not been any confirmation of this, but if it did happen, it was likely one of the two women who were working the food truck at the time of the explosion.

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