Kate Middleton And Prince William Leaving Kensington Palace Due To Second Pregnancy?

The tabloid press, especially in Great Britain, was obsessed with the possibility that Kate Middleton is pregnant again, and they speculated that she might have twins.

However, now the newspapers are saying they think that the Duchess is pregnant with only one child, a boy to be a baby brother for Prince George. InTouch Weekly reported on July 7 in their print edition that:

“Everyone in their inner circle is whispering that they’re pregnant. They want another boy. Having two sons close in age like William and Prince Harry would be a dream come true.”

Of course, talk of another royal baby is just a rumor, and Clarence House has yet to confirm or deny a pregnancy. However, eyewitnesses, who saw the Duchess at a solo outing to Bletchley Park on June 18, said it was clear that her “face looked fuller,” which was was the spark for the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors.

With all this being said, inside sources are suggesting that Prince William is more concerned with his wife’s health than he is with having another child.

“He’s very protective and doesn’t want her to take too much on,” the source said.

Although another source said that Kate Middleton is hands-on with just about everything and seems to like everythingto be in her control.

“There’s no stopping Kate at the moment. She’s on a mission to get everything done. She’s very hands-on and hates to leave things to other people,” they said.

If there is a new royal baby boy on the horizon he won’t have to worry about clothes as royal insiders have reported that hand-me-downs are a possibility.

“Kate has kept all of George’s baby clothes and toys packed away for the next one,” the insider said. But, what if it’s a girl?

Unfortunately for the tabloid press, there are also contradicting reports about the royal pregnancy as Kate was seen at her husband’s polo charity match on June 15 looking as slim as ever.

So, it remains to be seen whether or not Kate Middleton is pregnant, with twins, or at all ;the media now waits hopefully for news from the palace.