‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star’s Mystery Boyfriend ‘Might’ Appear In Season 7 And Security Amps Up On The Set

Drama galore. That’s what’s ahead in season 7 of Real Housewives of Atlanta with the ever-so-entertaining Kenya Moore! Would we expect anything less from the former Miss USA?

HipHollywood talks exclusively with Kenya about the boyfriend she continues to be coy about. The RHOA star posted some photos of an attractive man she was seen laying next to, but his face wasn’t recognizable due to the camera angle. The same is true for a separate image, which shows her alleged boyfriend sitting in bed with a laptop that had images of Kenya all over the screen.

The celebrity news source caught up with Moore recently, asking her about the man. She says:

“You know what, my Instagram was hacked recently so that might have come from the hacker. No, I’m just kidding.

“I’m not even sure of the photos that you’re speaking of. I’m just having fun, I just post things and I just have fun. You can’t take anything I post too seriously.”

Kenya suggests that there’s some misinterpretation going on and chalks it up to “just” having fun. The Instagram pictures she posted sure come off like she’s really into this guy. It’s a very real possibility she’s playing around to get people to talk. If so, she’s succeeding!

Kenya always makes people curious about what’s going on in her love life. Last year, she posted a photo on Twitter of a huge ring she was wearing on her left hand, but she never disclosed where it came from.

A fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member also tells HipHollywood that he’s never seen Moore’s new boyfriend. Peter Thomas, who’s Cynthia Bailey’s husband, shares:

“I have no idea. The last person I know that Kenya had on the show was Walter. I haven’t seen anyone since him. I haven’t seen the African Prince, I’m just keeping it real.”

In other Kenya Moore news, there are rumors that she’s hiring bodyguards and that security will be amped up while the cast film season 7. Speaking with Hollywood Life, a source said to be close with Kenya tells them:

“When Kenya has to tape with Porsha, she’s considering having bodyguards surrounding her, with the police on speed dial. You just never know when Porsha will flip the script and act out and Kenya wants to be more than well prepared.”

The insider continues that Kenya doesn’t see what she did to make Porsha Williams act out in the way she did at the season 6 reunion when she physically attacked her on the set:

“Kenya’s still hurt and taken aback by this behavior and feels she did absolutely nothing to provoke Porsha. If she wants a fight, fine. Fight with your words and not your mouth.”

Will Kenya really hire bodyguards and will she have a boyfriend appear on the show? We’ll have to find out when Real Housewives of Atlanta returns this fall!

[Image via EbonGregory.com]