October 28, 2017
Illegal Immigrants By The 'Tens Of Thousands' Being Released Into American Neighborhoods

Illegal immigrants are reportedly being released into neighborhoods across the United States by the "tens of thousands." The releases of men, women and children who entered America illegally by U.S. Border Control agents were revealed by Congressmen Louie Gohmert to the Watchdog.org group.

The U.S. Border Control agency has not yet noted how many illegal immigrants have been released into the United States. At least 60,000 illegal aliens from Central America have reportedly entered the country so far this year. Some estimates place the figure as high as 170,000 individuals. The U.S. Representative from Texas also stated that efforts to place the illegal immigrant children into foster homes or with relatives already living in America remain ongoing.

Adult illegal immigrants are reportedly being handed a "notice to appear" which is akin to a traffic court summons. Until the deportation hearing date occurs, the individuals who broke the law to enter the country have simply been released into the general, and some say, unsuspecting, population. Opponents of the mass release instead of immediate deportation or confinement feel the broken border issues poses a massive national security issue.

Republican Representative Louie Gohmert had this to say about the release of illegal immigrants:

"You know good and well they won't show up and we won't go looking for them. When they get their piece of paper saying report back on such a date at such a time, they take that as their legal permit to stay in the country and they go do what they want."
A Los Angeles County Sheriff's detective routinely tasked with dealing with illegal immigrants told the Watchdog group that a "massive number – 80 to 90 percent" never show up for the deportation hearings. Detention of the illegal immigrants is reportedly no longer an option because the Department of Homeland Security does not have the facilities to contain such a high number of people.

The U.S. Border Patrol announced plans to being sending some illegal immigrants to Southern California despite protests of local and state lawmakers. Representative Ken Calvert said he pleaded with the Department of Homeland Security not to bring the individuals to his region to zap resources and funds.

Representative Calvert emphatically urged DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to "leave California out of the Texas border mess." The flights carrying about 280 illegal immigrants per day will continue for the foreseeable future, FoxLA reports.

Calvert also had this to say about the influx of illegal immigrants into his state:

"Instead of solving the immigration problems along our border in Texas, President Obama has decided to spread that problem into communities in my congressional district and throughout Southern California."
How do you think the ongoing illegal immigration problem should be handled?

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