Billings Gazette Apologizes For Barack Obama Endorsement

The Billings Gazette apologized for endorsing Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. An editorial published in the newspaper was entitled, "Gazette opinion: Obama earned the low ratings." The Gazette went on to compare President Obama to President Richard Nixon.

The newspaper apology over the Obama endorsement listed in detail the mistakes the editorial staff felt have been made during the president's terms in office. The Billings Gazette also said is missed the former President George W. Bush and the "good ol' days" when America was at least "winning battles in Iraq."

An excerpt from the Gazette Obama endorsement apology reads:

"Sometimes, you have to admit you're wrong. And, we were wrong. We said things couldn't get much worse after the subpar presidency of George W. Bush. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal polls show that Americans are giving Obama lower marks than in 2006 when Iraq was going poorly for Bush and a tepid response to Hurricane Katrina sunk Bush's ratings. It's not that popularity polling should be the final or even best measure of a president. There is that old saw that points out there's a difference between doing what is right and what is popular. For us, though, it's the number of bungled or blown policies in the Obama administration which lead us to believe Obama has earned every bit of an abysmal approval rating."
The reasons why the Billings Gazette is sorry that it endorsed Barack Obama include:
  • The NSA spying on Americans scandal.
  • The "war on carbon" and President Obama's failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • A failure in Iraw that has left the Middle Eastern country on the brink of a civil war.
  • The Bowe Bergdahl exchange was also cited among Barack Obama's failures by the Billings Gazette. The newspaper feels the prisoner swap made the president appear incompetent.
  • Mismanagement of the VA and the deaths of United States veterans was also among the reasons listed for the Obama endorsement apology.
  • The Billings Gazette stated that the Obama administration has earned a reputation worse than that of the Nixon administration. The "most transparent administration in history" broken promise was cited as a failure as well by the newspaper.
  • Obamacare was also deemed not just a failure but a complete "boondoggle."
  • The Billings Gazette editorial also added, "Obama's hope and change have left liberals and conservatives alike hoping for real change, not just more lofty rhetoric."
What do you think about the Billings Gazette Obama endorsement apology? Would you vote for the president again if the election were held today?

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