College Students Sign Petition To Place Gun Owners In FEMA Camps

Students at a California college recently signed a petition to support not only the repeal of Second Amendment rights but to place gun owners in FEMA camps and even execute those who possess firearms. Political activist Mark Dice was once again able to easily entice young Americans to trample on the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution.

Mark Dice uses prankster videos to illustrate how little some Americans know about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Dice recently made a video of himself circulating a petition calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

When asking one California college student to sign the Second Amendment rights ban Dice said, “We just want to make sure we disarm the citizens. We can trust the government to be the only ones with guns. We want to put all registered gun owners in prison.” The student signed without hesitation. One of the California coeds said that he felt it was “too dangerous” for Americans to own guns.

With an entirely straight face Mark Dice uttered these words to another student who ultimately signed the Second Amendment ban petition:

“It’s just a simple repeal of the Second Amendment and we’ll be terminating and executing all of the gun owners. We are going to ban all guns except for military and police. We’ll do door to door confiscations, we have lists of all the registered weapons, so the military will just go and take those away from people.” One student who opted out of signing the petition did tell Dice that he supported putting gun owners in FEMA camps because it would “keep them safe.”

Mark Dice has also been able to get Americans to sign faux petitions to repeal the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill of Rights. When convincing one young potential voter to sign a First Amendment repeal petition he said, “Obviously in these tough times, if you’re disagreeing with President Obama, you’re obviously a racist. So we are going to repeal First Amendment rights because obviously in these tough times, they don’t have that right.”

Dice, who is also an author, says he wants to get Americans to “question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role of mainstream media” in an entertaining and educational manner, according to his website. According to his bio, Dice enjoys starting trouble for the “New World Order” along with exposing Big Brother tactics and “scumbag politicians.” Some consider Dice’s views on a host of topics extreme, and while there is surely disagreement about his views across the political spectrum, his Bill of Rights faux petitions video serious has often been heralded by conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians.

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