Diane Stretton Finally Moving Out Of California Home

Live in Californian nanny Diane Stretton, who refused to leave the home of the family she’s been working for, has finally agreed to move out by the 4th of July.

Diane Stretton was hired by Marcela and Ralph Bracamonte to look after their children aged 11, 4 and 16 months whilst Marcela was starting a new business. Diane Stretton was also to perform light household duties and meal preparation in exchange for living in their home for free.

Diane Stretton was hired via a Craigslist ad in March and the family says at first Diane Stretton was fine, attentive even, but soon Diane Stretton started complaining that Marcela left the children too much and that her COPD, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was making it hard to breathe. Marcella says that despite never being informed of Diane Stretton’s illness, she lessened her duties but Diane Stretton still didn’t fulfil her end of the deal. “She’d start panting for breath every time I had asked her to wash a dish. However, when it came to swimming or going to a museum, she never skipped a beat,” claims Marcela.

Diane Stretton, who the family found out had been homeless for 9 years, stopped all her duties, retiring to her bedroom unless called for meals, so the Bracamonte’s told Diane Stretton it wasn’t working out and that she must leave. They drafted a letter making it clear Diane Stretton would leave the residence but Diane Stretton blatantly refused, claimed to document wasn’t legal and even threatened to sue, claiming wrongful termination and abuse of the elderly.

The Bracamontes then went to the police and courts only to be told by Police that they have to go through the proper eviction process and have the judge rule in Diane Stretton’s favour because they hadn’t ended her employment correctly.

“So this lady is welcome inside my house, anytime she wants, to eat my food anytime she wants and harass me basically. I’m now a victim in my own home and it’s completely legal”, Marcela said after having to quit her start up business.

After serving Diane Stretton with the correct legal papers last week Diane Stretton has agreed to leave if the “weather is cool” and that she’ll take three days to do so.

The family wanted to speak out to advise other families to always use an attorney in these kinds of situations and to warn them of Diane Stretton. “she is a scam artist”.