‘GTA 5’ Independence Day Update Lets You Celebrate The Fourth In The U.S.

The upcoming GTA 5 Independence Day DLC will have you celebrating the fourth of July in the U.S. without the need to go outside and have a barbecue while you watch the fireworks. Of course in some Western states you’re only missing the barbecue because it’s illegal to use fireworks. It’s a fire hazard, though some still do it anyway.

You can do whatever you want without consequence in a video game though, and Rockstar is helping you do that. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be giving gamers access to some new vehicles and weapons, as well as new options for character customization.

The new weapons available in the GTA 5 Independence Day DLC include a retro style musket like those used in the Revolutionary War, and a rocket launcher which shoots fireworks. If your area deems fireworks illegal, this is still an alternative to simply watching the real ones on TV with patriotic music in the background. GTA Online is probably more fun.

New vehicles include a monster truck called the Liberator, a classic U.S. pastime for people who love vehicular destruction. Of course this is Grand Theft Auto 5, and only Battlefield offers more options for destruction in a realistic environment. The other new vehicle is the Sovereign motorcycle, representing yet another classic U.S. pastime. The Sovereign Souls Motorcycle Club is based in Houston, Texas and is probably the biggest biker gathering outside those held by the biker gangs you tend to read about in the news.

Some character customizations available will include masks and patriotic T-shirts in case you want to show your love for the U.S. without causing a bunch of virtual destruction. This is certainly more positive than the previous I’m Not a Hipster DLC which makes you look like someone who avoids mainstream entertainment … while ironically playing The Inquisitr‘s Xbox 360 Game of the Year.

More properties will be added to the Dynasty 8 rolls, as well as more tweaks and balances. Are you excited for the new GTA 5 Independence Day DLC, or are you planning to actually go out and celebrate the fourth of July with your friends the old fashioned way?

Whichever you choose, please do it responsibly.

[image via trueachievements, united-states-flag]