Kelly Ripa Goes On Vacation To Greece With Jerry Seinfeld And His Family

Kelly Ripa took a break from her television hosting duties to take a vacation to Greece with some famous company.

The 43-year-old television personality and husband Mark Consuelos joined with friends Jerry Seinfeld and his wife for a 10-day jaunt to Europe, with most of the time in Greece. Ripa kept fans updated, however, with a series of updates via Twitter and pictures on Instagram.

When Kelly Ripa returned, she took the role of an unofficial spokesperson for the nation, telling viewers what an amazing trip it was.

“It was a lovely trip,” she said. “If you’re taking a trip someplace overseas and you’re thinking, ‘Where should we go? What should we do?’ I highly encourage you to visit Greece because the people are the kindest and the loveliest, and it’s so beautiful.”

Ripa also shared some details of the trip’s itinerary.

“I’ve gotta tell you, it was magical. It was one of those trips where it all came together so beautifully,” she said. “We started out in Paris for a couple of days — just a quick, quick trip to Paris — and then we spent the bulk of our trip, 10 days, in Greece, going from island to island.”

Instagram followers got even more details, including photos of Poseidon’s Temple in Athens, Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, and Santorini.

It was quite a busy trip. Kelly and her husband took their three children — 17-year-old Michael, 13-year-old Lola, and 11-year-old Joaquin. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld also brought their three kids — 13-year-old Sascha, 11-year-old Julian, and 8-year-old Shepherd.

Despite the big group, Ripa said having so many people along actually worked out in their favor.

“It was like having no kids because they all amused each other and nobody drove us insane, so it was like a vacation,” Ripa said. “They weren’t fighting with each other and they weren’t telling us how bored they were. It was perfect and so much fun.”

Kelly Ripa is back to duty this week with her LIVE! hosting duties.