Kelly Ripa: 43-Year-Old Television Host Shows Off Amazing Six-Pack

Kelly Ripa may be 43 years old and the mother to three kids, but the busy talk show host still has time to maintain a killer physique.

This week, Kelly took to Twitter to share with fans a picture of herself lying on her back against a wall, with her toned legs pointed toward the sky and her rippled six-pack on display. Along with the picture, Kelly posted the inspirational Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can or you can’t—you’re right.”

Kelly Ripa doesn’t take full credit for her amazing body. In the caption of her shot Kelly credited her trainer, Anna Kaiser, with pushing her to achieve the kind of shape people half her age only dream of.

“Thank you @AKTINMOTION and @TheKaiserTweet for letting me lean on you,” Kelly wrote.

Kaiser helps put Kelly through a routine that includes cardio, strength training, toning, and stretching. It is clearly working.

Kelly Ripa already made waves earlier this year for a change in her appearance. When the Live with Kelly and Michael co-host debuted a new haircut on the season premiere of her show, fans took to Twitter to voice all kinds of reactions.

Kelly talked about the new bob during an episode of her daytime program, telling viewers that she wanted to go with a much shorter look. She admitted that it would have been depressing to cut it all off at once, so she decided to ease in the look.

Not everyone was a fan of the look. Kelly admitted that her own mother was a little underwhelmed with the haircut, saying she preferred her daughter with long hair.

Some fans dsagreed.

“I love Kelly Ripa’s new haircut! I don’t care what your mom says,” one viewer tweeted.

“Kelly I really preferred your hair long. It doesn’t have the same effect in the fan on the runway,” another posted.

There isn’t much room for disagreement on Kelly Ripa when it comes to her six pack, though