Kelly Ripa Debuts Sleek New Haircut, Twitter Gets Excited

Kelly Ripa debuted her short new haircut on the season premiere of Live with Kelly and Michael. Countless folks on Twitter took a moment to weigh in on the matter.

The talk show co-host showed off her new bob on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime program. Ripa explained that she wanted to go with a much shorter look. However, she admitted that cutting it all off in one fell swoop was a little distressing. Instead, she adopted the new look in small steps.

Although most people seem to like Kelly Ripa’s new look, she said that Katie Couric recently told her that the new haircut was a little “newscastery.” Ripa’s own mom is also a little underwhelmed with the new look. Apparently she’s a pretty big fan of long hair on her daughter.

Since celebrities can’t sneeze, breathe, or change their style without someone spouting an opinion, several Kelly Ripa fans headed to Twitter in order to share their thoughts with the world. For the most part people seem to like the Live with Kelly and Michael co-host’s new ‘do.

“I love Kelly Ripa’s new haircut! I don’t care what your mom says,” one viewer recently tweeted.

“Kelly I really preferred your hair long. It doesn’t have the same effect in the fan on the runway,” another fan posted.

Twitter’s reaction to the co-host’s asymmetrical bob has been pretty positive for the most part. Although she definitely has her detractors — you can’t win everyone over on social media — Kelly Ripa’s haircut seems to be a hit with fans.

You can find more responses to the new look below.

hey everyone, we may be going to war with syria- pfft, whatevs. hey everyone, kelly ripa cut her hair- OMG! WHY THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT?!!?

— nicky (@nicky_roxx) September 4, 2013

@KellyRipa I like your new hair cut. I think it gives you an air of youthful spunk!

— Jody Petty (@JodyPetty8) September 4, 2013

Here’s a pic of the co-host’s haircut in case you missed it.

Are you a fan of Kelly Ripa’s new haircut?

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