Jim Parsons Takes In Wimbledon Match With Partner Todd Spiewak: See The Pics

Not many would peg Sheldon Cooper as a tennis fan. While the Big Bang Theory main character may have an aversion to sport – or social interaction of any kind – Jim Parsons, the actor who plays him, seems quite comfortable with both.

Jim Parsons was spotted in London Monday, taking in a match at Wimbledon. The 41-year-old actor was seated with his partner, Todd Spiewak. Given the striking shots of Parsons in dark shades, one might have thought he was making a play for a spot in the next installment of Men In Black.

Cosmopolitan UK mused that Parsons had “potentially gone to Wimbledon in character as Sheldon Cooper.”

Hello! magazine also had the pics of Parsons taking in the match between Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and France’s Alize Cornet. As Digital Spy reported, Bouchard advanced to the quarter finals. She and Parsons have become great virtual friends, as mutual fans of each others’ work.

Bouchard tweeted a sweet selfie of her and Parsons last week, calling him her most-positive supporter:

According to Bouchard, the pair have discussed the similarities in their professions and the intellectual drive that’s necessary to succeed.

“We talk about, you know, the mental aspect in tennis. He says how it’s similar to him acting. He has to be in the moment on set and all these things. It’s interesting to see how similar the mentality is.”

Of her love of Parsons and the Big Bang Theory, 20-year-old Bouchard gushed, calling it her favorite show: “His character is my favorite character. So it’s amazing that he’s a fan of me ’cause I’m like the biggest fan of him.”

Jim Parsons attends Wimbledon match with partner Todd Spiewak
Actor Jim Parsons takes in Eugenie Bouchard Wimbledon match June 30, 2014

Thankfully, Todd and Jim seemed to be enjoying the match as a couple – laying to rest any suggestion that Bouchard’s boyfriend Alex Galchenyuk might be overcome with a jealous streak over her friendship with Parsons. In January, after a big win at the Australian Open, Bouchard was apparently caught off-guard by a reporter’s question, answering that if she could date anyone it would be Justin Bieber.

For his part, Parsons is presumably prepping for the next season of the Big Bang Theory. The hit show will return in the fall, but on a different night. It will be Parsons’ eighth season on the CBS show and viewers will get some answers about what happens to Sheldon in the wake of last year’s finale. The new season premiere will be on Monday, September 22nd.

[Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images/Cosmopolitan UK]