WWE News: Chris Jericho Returns On Monday Night Raw, Staying Past SummerSlam?

Chris Jericho returned to the WWE last night on Monday Night Raw, while he interrupted the Miz’s comeback promo. Jericho’s latest hoodwink was summed up in one word on Twitter by Jericho himself.

Earlier in the day, the six-time WWE champion posted a picture on Instagram three hours before his return with the caption reading, “Playing ROCK CONCERT with my two little princesses… #DaddyTime.” This wasn’t Jericho’s first rodeo in surprising the WWE Universe.

In the 2013 Royal Rumble, Jericho came back to a huge uproar. Some even say that was Jericho’s biggest pop ever.

The developing story of Jericho’s return to the WWE did not stop at giving the Miz a Codebreaker to last a lifetime. A few familiar faces interrupted the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rollah the same way they’ve done it for the past year. Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family crashed the party in Hartford, Connecticut.

Wyatt, Rowan, and Harper decimated Jericho piece-by-piece until nothing was left but a Sister Abigail from the leader, Bray. This could lead to many things down the road for Wyatt and Jericho on WWE programming. In fact, Jericho will be here for quite some time. WWE Creative has him penciled in for the September 21 Night of Champions pay-per-view.

Jericho did an interview with The Independent on June 22 and mentioned a prior yearning to work with Wyatt.

“I kind of am like the Nostradamus of WWE, I predicted that all of those guys will get over, with Cesaro we had a tour of Japan last year and I specifically asked to work with him and with Bray Wyatt when I went to work with NXT I said to put me with that guy.”

He was 3-for-3 on those predictions and Raw showed the WWE Universe that what Jericho wants, Jericho gets. When he does return to wrestle, a few things always occur:

  1. Jericho doesn’t wrestle part-time on a part-time schedule. During a three-four month return, he’ll wrestle house shows too. Consider him the ultimate part-time wrestler.
  2. Y2J wrestles who he believes will be money, then puts him over.

Go back to CM Punk and the WrestleMania 28 WWE Championship match: Y2J put over Punk and made the Chicago-native look fantastic. He did the same thing with Fandango at WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. The night after, Fandango was the most popular wrestler WWE owned.

After Jericho is done with Wyatt, WWE won’t know what to do with him. The world will be buzzing, more than they already are, about the Wyatt Family.

Overall, Monday Night Raw was exceptional last night. AJ Lee returned to win the Divas Championship, Jericho set up a long-term feud with one of WWE’s hottest commodities and we learned that Roman Reigns will definitely be fighting Triple H eventually.

The WWE Universe had no complaints about Jericho’s comeback. That’s a guarantee.

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