You’ve Got To See This Video: World’s Worst Parallel Parker

Parallel parking is not the easiest thing in the world. There is no real dispute from the many drivers whose driving tests may have gone much better in high school if they could have just skipped that one section.

Apparently, the person featured in the video above (with some NSFW audio) is one of those people who either skipped that section entirely or was just terrified to even try.

As you can see, this driver in Portland, Oregon, makes numerous attempts to park between a large SUV and what appears to be a smart car. But no matter how many times the driver attempts parallel parking, it never is a success.

What is really funny, or perhaps sad, is how much space is available for getting the car tucked in just right. As the man filming the incident noted, you could “park a jumbo jet” in the spot.

Perhaps one of the reasons the driver was unable to get parked in just the right way is because he or she is afraid of getting into an accident.

According to, getting hit while parked is one of the top causes for vehicle damage.

“So what do we know about being hit while parked? Here’s a few statistics that we’ve compiled about getting hit while parked; 14 percent of all claims for auto damage involve parking lot collisions; 80 percent of bumper scratches occur during parking – usually by the ‘other guy’ and an estimated 30 percent of drivers feel it’s OK to ‘love tap’ your bumper when parallel parking – and those love taps can cost you $400 or more. Keep in mind that half of all collision claims for new model cars are $1,500 or less. ‘Repair costs for these minor incidents are a major factor in overall collision coverage insurance costs’ according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety.”

While it is near impossible to see who is actually driving the vehicle in the video above, the Daily Mail reports that stereotypes regarding driving have tended to be true, at least according to statistics is has gotten its hands on.

“Of the 170,000 women who failed their driving test in 2010 for mistakes in reversing or failing to use their mirrors, 55,000 failed on parking.

“And if those figures — released by the Driving Standards Agency — are not enough to ensure a rare victory for men in the battle of the sexes, then they have the support of science as well.

“Researchers at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany asked 65 volunteers to park a £23,000 Audi — and found that women took up to 20 seconds longer than men.

“Some women blame the problem on the fact their breasts make it more difficult to turn around while parking.

“However, when they do eventually pass — one woman finally got through last year at the 21st attempt over 22 years — they will at least have the consolation of cheaper car insurance.”

So what do you think? Who do you think was behind the wheel of this car? And are the stats true or do you think they are skewed? Or does science need to finally catch up with our dreams and give us the self-parking car? Tell us in the comments section below.