'Once Upon A Time' Season 4 Spoilers: Revealed — How Many Episodes Feature 'Frozen' Characters?

Once Upon a Time fans are already excited for Season 4, because the show's producers recently revealed that three characters from the hit animated film Frozen will appear on the upcoming season of the hit ABC fantasy drama. They revealed that the major character of Elsa, as well as Anna and Kristoff, will all become part of the fairy-tale ensemble that inhabits Storybrooke, Maine.

But what the Once Upon a Time showrunners did not make clear was how many episodes would feature each Frozen character. But that information is now public. Not surprisingly, Elsa will appear the most frequently, turning up in nine of the 22 Season 4 episodes.

Anna and Kristoff will each appear in six Once Upon a Time episodes. Elsa already has one episode under her belt -- and this is a spoiler for Once Upon a Time viewers who have not caught up on Season 3.

At the end of the Season 3 finale, Emma and Hook emerge from the Enchanted Forest with a mysterious urn. When the urn accidentally spills, the contents come together to form the snow queen of Frozen, Elsa. She wasn't named in the episode and was revealed only from behind, but there was no question who we were looking at.

In a way, it shouldn't be too surprising to see the Frozen characters turn up on Once Upon a Time. Frozen, of course, was a big hit for Walt Disney Studios. Disney is the parent company of the ABC television network, on which Once Upon a Time airs.

So Season 3 ended on quite a cliffhanger. What was not revealed, however, was when each Frozen character will show up during the next Once Upon a Time season. Nor do we know at what point in the Frozen storyline the characters will appear.

On that point, producer Adam Horowitz remained coy.

"You know, there's a backstory to how she appeared in Rumpel's vault, and what she's up to now when she's walking out of the farmhouse that we'll get into very quickly, most likely in the premiere," Horowitz said in a recent interview. "And in doing so, we very much want to honor what came in the movie. We're not trying to redefine the character; what we're trying to do is take the beloved character and fit her into our world."

Fans took his statements as a hint that Elsa could be portrayed as a villain in Once Upon a Time. She may still be in her "snit," a condition with which fans of the movie will be familiar, and she could already be reunited with Anna. Or perhaps not.

"Maybe yes, maybe no," said the Once Upon a Time creator, refusing to give way too many Season 4 spoilers. "It could be after. Once can be in a snit for many reasons."