Woman Run Over By Three Trains: 22-Year-Old Suffers Only Fractured Shoulder After Three Trains Run Her Over

A woman run over by three trains in Manhattan survived with only a fractured shoulder. According to The New York Post, Mary Downey, 22, was run over by three subway trains on Sunday morning after she accidentally fell onto the tracks at a Times Square station. Authorities say that Downey was drunk at the time of the incident. The Irish immigrant avoided being crushed by the trains by wedging herself between the tracks.

Police sources said:

“As she was waiting on the platform, Downey toppled over and fell onto the tracks — breaking her shoulder — as a northbound N train was approaching. Unable to lift herself off the rails, Downey apparently managed to position herself between the rails as at least one of the trains barreled over her.”

The woman run over by three trains saved her own life in more ways than one this weekend. Had she not been able to alert the operator of the third train, it is possible that she would have remained on the tracks, perhaps ending her lucky streak. Downey was able to wave her hand around before the third train swept over her. The train’s operator thought it was a piece of trash, but he soon realized that it was actually a person. He quickly halted the train, and came to a full stop when the third car was over the woman’s body.

Paramedics were called and were able to get Downey to Bellevue Hospital where she was released just hours later. The photo above was taken of Downey as she left the hospital on Sunday afternoon.

An unidentified friend said:

“She’s doing really well. She just fractured her shoulder.”

The woman run over by three trains is now the butt of plenty of jokes. According to the comments on Gawker, people have been taking jabs at the story — which in and of itself is pretty amazing. However, people have been commenting on an “Irish person being drunk” — and that “Jaysus and Joseph” weren’t very good “drinking buddies” the night before.

Another story about a man setting himself on fire during a protest in Tokyo (as previously reported by The Inquisitr) caused similar jokes to be made. People commented about the man “burning the candle at both ends” and about how there were plenty of “better ways to protest.”

Evidently stories like this — that have “happy endings” (meaning the people involved didn’t die) — are fair game for internet jokes. However, many read these stories in awe and can’t help but be relieved that the people involved survived.

[Photo courtesy of The New York Post]