GoPro (GPRO) Goes Pro On The NASDAQ Exchange And Has Investors Smiling

GoPro Inc. (NASDAQ GPRO) has come out of the gates strong, beating investor expectations since its IPO offering last Thursday. Tech News informs us that GoPro stock has already risen more than 30 percent to top out at $31.34 per share after initially being offered at $24.00 per share. 24/7 Wall St. further informs us that more than 45 million shares changed hands during the first two days of trading alone, and with plenty of investors chomping at the bit to pay a premium for the stock, there’s no sign of GoPro’s momentum slowing down.

GoPro Inc. was founded in 2004 by Nicholas Woodman (the company’s current chairman and CEO) and initially produced a waterproof camera that used film. In 2006, GoPro marketed its first digital camera, and in 2009, it placed its high definition camera on the market. The company’s success is largely based on the indestructibility of its products. In fact, GoPro’s name recognition is so well known for its indestructible properties that the name GoPro has become a synonymous adjective for “absolutely indestructible camera that you can use to film any amount of dangerous insanity.” For example, The Inquisitr fills us in on what type of amazing footage you can get using a GoPro when you decide to strap it to a polar bear. How one retrieves the GoPro from the polar bear when the filming is done is probably worthy of another GoPro video in itself, perhaps even worthy enough to find itself posted on YouTube. And that kind of logic is exactly what Nicholas Woodman and his company is capitalizing on to continually propel the excitement surrounding their new IPO to new heights.

Tech News goes on to tell us that GoPro aims to become much more than a well-known camera manufacturer. GoPro’s videos have received 500,000 views on YouTube with 6,000 GoPro videos being uploaded to YouTube every day. The company plans to capitalize on the consumer infatuation for entertainment by launching a media platform of its own. 24/7 Wall St tells us that GoPro is currently developing a YouTube channel of its own, but whether or not the company’s loyal extreme sports fans and polar bear chasers love the product enough to pay a premium for a subscription to the company’s channel is at this point unknown.

Whatever the final outcome, GoPro’s (GRPO) initial surge forward onto the NASDAQ exchange has investors optimistic this week about what the company can become. If that investment news isn’t exciting enough for you, let me leave you with this video from The Inquisitr showing a guy cliff jumping and then fighting off a shark, while carrying his GoPro of course.